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Primeval Whirl Spinning to a Seasonal Attraction?

As first reported by, it seems that the Primeval Whirl attraction at Animal Kingdom has started to move again. The current refurbishment calendar now states that Primeval Whirl would be closed through December 17, 2019 – though previous calendars stated it was slated to re-open on September 29th.

However, in addition to its closure for repairs, there are also reports that Primeval Whirl won’t ever return to full-time capacity and may be open only seasonally during Animal Kingdom’s busiest days. This is, of course, disappointing to fans of the ride, however it also may mean permanent closure is coming. You may remember this has happened to other rides, and most recently, Stitch’s Great Escape. The attraction went from seasonal opening to “temporarily closed –  which it still says on the site although we know that it’s not coming back.

I personally like Primeval Whirl and have always enjoyed the ride. However, it is a little rough and not as popular as some of the other attractions in Animal Kingdom.