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The Leaning Tower of Donuts?

Who doesn’t like doughnuts or ice cream? This amazing dessert is a new find.

Some of you may know but we’re headed to Disney in early October and this trip, we hadn’t planned on visiting Disney Springs but that may change. Vivoli il Gelato at Disney Springs recently launched this amazingly ridiculous leaning tower of doughnuts. It’s made with gelato, doughnut holes, and more doughnuts! There are also optional add ons like chocolate or strawberry sauce.

There are three things are oldest daughter loves more than volleyball: doughnuts, whipped cream and ice cream. This dessert comes with a price tag of $15, but it looks amazing. It’s our understanding this is a limited time dessert so if you want to eat calories en masse with a smile on your face, this might be the opportunity to do it.